Small Mid-Sized Lots

German contractual partner. Asian price level.

Quality is very important for every company nowadays.  But what does that mean especially where a PCB is concerned and how is this quantified in an advantage for the customer?

We feel quality consists of several components: for one, as a continuous quality process in the completion of the layout, on to the samples and then the mass production.  To combine this uncompromising quality track with low manufacturing costs and German reliability is what comprises our special advantage in the cooperation with you, our customer.

One stop shopping – our 360-degree service.

Our PCB service in cooperation with our Asian partners consists of, in addition to the development of prototypes, also the production of the final PCBs in small and mid-sized lots.  As with large volume orders, we also offer you high quality products from Asia in direct coordination and cooperation with you.

  • Lead time for small lots: 7 – 12 working days*
  • Lead time for mid-sized lots: 2 – 3 weeks*

*each after the clarification of engineering queries.

Mass Volume Orders