As individual as your requirements: High-tech on demand.

Our portfolio consists of a comprehensive range of PCB technology and variations. From Carbon printing to multilayers with 24 layers.

 Printed Circuit Boards by Enzmann
  • Double-sided and multilayer up to 24 layers
  • Flex and rigid flexible
  • Backplanes
  • Thick copper
  • Embedded capacitors and resistors
  • Ceramic and aluminum based materials
  • HDI boards

Additionally, we also offer the following:

  • Small line width and space 75µm
  • Micro drilling 0,15mm mechanical; 0,075mm laser
  • SBU technology
  • AOI test systems
  • All common materials including high Tg
  • Gold finger and partial gold
  • Photosensitive solder masks
  • Carbon printing
  • Scoring (also contoured)

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